How to Calculate Adjustment Prices

  1. Find the original tread depth in the price sheet/data book.

  2. Using a stick-type 32nds gauge, measure the 32nds of 
    tread remaining at three pints in the center two grooves 
    and average the three measurements.

  3. Where the averaged tread depth remaining line meets the 
    appropriate original tread depth column, the percent of tread 
    worn off the tire will be found.

  4. Using this percentage to calculate the customer's replacement price.

With A Tire-Marking Crayon, 
Mark On The Adjustment Tire:

  1. Location of the service condition (circled)
  2. Adjustment claim number
  3. Retailer name
  4. Rub across the serial number so that it can be seen and easily read

Make sure that the customer 
the Customer Section of 
the adjustment claim!