tgpSize™ contains tire size data historically included in Tire Guide Pro™, an industry standard for original tire sizes for vehicles manufactured since 1980. tgpSize™ data is parsed to provide you with complete flexibility, allowing the data to be used for multiple purposes and configurations. Tire sizes are broken down into individual components that allow you to easily match products in your tire catalog. Where Load Indexes were not specified for the original vehicle tire, tgpSize™ provides an alternative industry standard load index for that tire size. Embedded speed ratings are also presented for making decisions associated with "open-ended Z" tires. Further, flags are included to indicate if a tire came with a run-flat option, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and/or directional/asymmetrical right/left fitments.

tgpSize™ vehicle descriptions can be cross-referenced to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™. We can also provide you with a customized product that contains only a portion of the data included in tgpSize, or that contains all or a portion of the tgpSize data in combination with data from our other products. Please contact us for details.

A country specific code is provided to differentiate fitments by country. Currently, support is available for the United States and Canada.