About Us

Tire Guides, Inc., and The Pearl Group, Inc., proudly present TGP Solutions LLC, the next step forward in an already successful tire industry relationship. TGP Solutions is a new entity that combines over 60 years of tire fitment experience by Tire Guides, Inc., with over 30 years of experience in tire data solutions and application development by The Pearl Group, Inc. TGP Solutions LLC is the number one single source for accurate tire and wheel fitment information for single-user, network, web, POP and POS applications.

Tire Guides, Inc., was founded by Bennett Garfield in 1950. A young entrepreneur working in tire sales, he recognized the industry’s need for more detailed tire information. He left his sales position to start a publishing company, and in 1957, he debuted his company’s namesake publication -- Tire Guide. For the first time, tire dealers had an accurate up-to-date collection of motor vehicle fitment information covering a 10 year period, which included tire sizes, optional tire sizes, and inflation and rim specifications for both domestic and foreign vehicles. Elected to the Tire Industry Hall of Fame, Mr. Garfield was a true pioneer and innovator dedicating 45 years to the field.

Over the years, Tire Guides has always made a priority of addressing the informational needs of the tire industry. In 1991, Mr. Garfield began a successful strategic alliance with Pearl Communications (a division of The Pearl Group, Inc.) to bring this information from hardcopy to the computer. Today, Tire Guides remains true to his principles of hard work, honesty, fairness and integrity. Tire Guides maintains these principles as it now supplies motor vehicle fitment information to TGP Solutions LLC, which forms the foundation for TGP’s tire industry products.

Since 1989, Pearl Communications has provided database design, development and marketing services for new and existing systems. An early leader in touch screen technology, Pearl developed the first electronic tire fitment kiosk in conjunction with Tire Guides. That early relationship benefited both companies and continued to expand both companies’ expertise. Today, Pearl is recognized for the marketing success of Tire Guides’ products and for our ability to provide tire fitment solutions of all kinds. Pearl can provide everything from a stand alone desktop application, a cloud based enterprise solution, or a smart phone app.

Pearl’s reputation is built on quality results and customer service. We continue to build this reputation for quality as we provide application development for TGP Solutions and act as the exclusive representative for TGP Solutions in the marketing of TGP’s tire industry products.