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TGP Solutions LLC is not only a premier supplier of OE centric tire data, but with the addition of Tire Guides, Inc.’s publication products and Pearl Communications, Inc. tire related software solutions, TGP Solutions is an extremely robust solution for our clients. Whether they are tire experts in retail, distribution or manufacturing.

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Fitment Publications

Tire and Wheel fitments for cars and trucks. A complete collection of plus sizing, tread design images, original equipment fitments, and more.

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The educational solution for your shop. Lug nut torque, tire tips, tire size conversions and more.

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The Tire Tool is the ulimate product for removing tire serial numbers.

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tgpSize™ contains tire size data historically included in Tire Guide Pro™, an industry standard for original tire sizes for vehicles manufactured since 1980. tgpSize™ data is parsed to provide you with complete flexibility, allowing the data to be used for multiple purposes and configurations. Tire sizes are broken down into individual components that allow you to easily match products in your tire catalog. Where Load Indexes were not specified for the original vehicle tire, tgpSize™ provides an alternative industry standard load index for that tire size. Embedded speed ratings are also presented for making decisions associated with "open-ended Z" tires. Further, flags are included to indicate if a tire came with a run-flat option, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and/or directional/asymmetrical right/left fitments.

tgpSize™ vehicle descriptions can be cross-referenced to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™. We can also provide you with a customized product that contains only a portion of the data included in tgpSize, or that contains all or a portion of the tgpSize data in combination with data from our other products. Please contact us for details.

A country specific code is provided to differentiate fitments by country. Currently, support is available for the United States and Canada.


tgpMount™ contains data for properly installing a tire/wheel combination to the same specifications that were originally used. Original values for lug nut torque and wheel width, contour, diameter, and offset, as well as bolt circle dimensions, bolt pattern, center hub dimensions and stud dimensions, are provided. All of these values are keyed to the vehicle descriptions used in tgpSize™, which can be keyed to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™.

tgpMount™ also includes codes to provide vehicle definitions and fitments specific to your supported country of interest. The data in tgpMount™ can be mixed and matched with our other products to satisfy your needs. Please contact us for details.


Original vehicle manufacturer recommended inflation pressures are available in tgpPSI™.

The inflation pressures are keyed to the vehicle descriptions used in tgpSize™, which can also be keyed to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™. The data in tgpPSI™ can also be mixed and matched with our other products to satisfy your needs. Please contact us for details.


tgpOEM™ provides information regarding tires that originally came with a new standard vehicle. The tire brand, brand line, and in most cases, the part number of the original tire(s), are included for many of the vehicles in tgpSize™. This data is useful for research purposes and matching the part numbers with your tire catalog or ours (tgpBrands™).

The data in tgpOEM™ is keyed to the vehicle descriptions used in tgpSize™, which can be keyed to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™. The data in tgpOEM™ can also be mixed and matched with our other products to satisfy your needs. Please contact us for details.


tgpPlus™ is a valuable tool in determining tire fitment options, providing alternate fitments for +0 through +2 wheel dimension changes. tgpPlus™ is unique, containing dimensional information, as well as load requirements, for replacement tires. Proper load analysis can assist you in determining whether the replacement tires will maintain the same load bearing capability as the original tires.

The data in tgpPlus™ is keyed to the vehicle descriptions used in tgpSize™, which can be keyed to ACES vehicle ID’s using tgpCRU™. The data in tgpPlus™ can also be mixed and matched with our other products to satisfy your needs. Please contact us for details.

Fitment Publications

Tire Guides, Inc., is a recognized leader in the automotive industry, delivering excellence in vehicle information for over 60 years. Our publications and products, including our renowned Tire Guide, have been established as valuable industry resources, and are distributed worldwide to tire dealerships, automotive centers, and tire manufacturers, as well as forensic lab units and emission testing stations. Please visit our online store to order our printed fitment publications, wall charts, and tools.





tgpBrands™ is a sophisticated electronic catalog of tire skus from over 50 tire manufacturers. It includes tire specifications, F&B and images standardized into a consistent database. tgpBrands™ can easily be interfaced with all our other tire fitment products




This cross-reference dataset provides a method for linking the tire fitments provided in our other products with an application that uses ACES architecture. If you use ACES-specific vehicle descriptions, you can now link to the tire fitment for that specific vehicle. If the ACES description does not have enough detail to specify the tire, additional optional information is available to make the distinction.


With a flexible query system, TireSYNC™ delivers just the data you need, as you need it, for your website, point of sale, or other type of service, in a compact JSON structured data package. Speed is an issue with any web service, especially those providing thousands of tire and wheel images. We leverage multiple CDN distribution nodes with geo-location routing to provide you the requested images and other data quickly and easily.


This API feature is an available option on any End User Data File license. The full data file is provided without the need to request individual data elements. Support is provided for JSON and XML formats. Here are the products available for integration with the tgpAPI™

  • tgpSize™ - Vehicle OE and Tire Size Search data
  • tgpBrands™ - licensed with or without tgpSize™
  • tgpMount™ - when licensed with tgpSize™
  • tmpOEM™ - when licensed with tgpSize™
  • tgpPLUS™ - when licensed with tgpSize™
  • tgpPSI™ - when licensed with tgpSize™
  • tgpCRU™ - when licensed with tgpSize™



Web Applications

Quality tire and wheel fitment data provides a strong foundation for your tire and wheel website. We can provide you with this quality data through bulk data distribution or in individual datasets through our TireSYNC™ web service.

With our easy to use layout, your tire selector can be designed in many flexible methodologies. You can show front and rear fitments together or separately. Or show optional fitments together or separately. Or display the manufacturer name only or include the vehicle type as a distinguishing feature.

Look over our quality products and let us know what you need to populate your website. With our service providers having over 50 years of tire data expertise and 20 years of website data interface experience, tgpSolutions™ is YOUR solution! We look forward to working with you to meet your every need.

Point Of Sales

If your POS application needs complete tire fitment integration, we have the solution for you. You can merge our quality datasets with your application and take the power of tire and wheel fitments to the next level.

A POS application that is configured to sell tires will have increased success with quality tire fitment data. Combine that fitment data with an electronic tire and/or wheel catalog and you can provide an optimum solution for your customers.

Elevate your POS application to its ultimate in flexibility and power with a very thorough tire fitment database available -- a TGP Solution!

Custom Applications

We have over 20 years experience developing custom applications for tire fitment data analysis, storage, and distribution. If you have a need to standardize your tire fitment information so that you provide consistent outputs to your downstream channels, we can help


Do you have a repository of tire size data? Do you maintain a large database of skus with all the engineering data and image management? Do you distribute this information in various media formats? We can help you do it right.

Reseller Programs

If you want to incorporate our data packages into your own products and services, we have a robust and easy-to-manage program to allow you that flexibility.

We know that you are close to the marketplace and can find the right application for our data. If you want to be one of our quality resellers, just let us know. We want you to be part of our team!