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NHTSA - New TIN Information

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Changes to TIN Format:

On April 13, 2015, NHTSA published the final rule, "Tire Identification and Recordkeeping" (80 FR 19553). This regulation makes two amendments to the TIN. First, NHTSA is expanding the first portion of the TIN, previously known as the manufacturer identifier, but more commonly referred to as a "plant code", from two (2) symbols to three (3) for manufacturers of new tires. Second, NHTSA is standardizing the length of the TIN to eliminate confusion that could arise from the variable length of TIN. This regulation standardizes the length of the TIN at 13 symbols for new tires and 7 symbols for retreaded tires, making it easier to identify a TIN from which a symbol is missing. When adopting the 3-symbol plant code, you must also use the standardized 13-symbol TIN. Existing plants shall adopt the new 3-symbol plant code and standardized 13-symbol TIN no later than April 12, 2025. Images showing the new formats are available in the Federal Register publication which can be found at and searching "80 FR 19553" using the search box in the upper-right corner of the page.

New Tool for Submitting Business Information to NHTSA:

In January 2016, NHTSA launched a new online tool to assist tire manufacturers in requesting new tire plant codes and submitting updated business information for tire plants that have existing codes.

Tire manufacturers should verify the business information NHTSA has on file by accessing: If your information is incorrect, submit your changes or request new plant codes using the following manufacturer portal: